Papa Pear Saga Level 573, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


Bring down the fruits! (starting lvl with 15 papas in papa cannon)


FAI, first try ever:


FAIL: Papa Pear Saga Level 573 ~ dropped the fruit, but not enough points



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Tips are hard for this since you have limited papas and you must remove enough items and multipliers or enough papas after the fruit drops to pass.
If you remove the carrots by the warp spinner your papa will emerge on the fireball burning one, maybe both, of the moving cactus. You really need the bottom one burned for the best chance to drop the fruit.
Remove the carrots on the right, two at a time starting with the tops, trying to bounce onto other items and break the jar with the multiplier. Keep removing carrots until you can start hitting the fireball jar and remove more carrots.
Once the jar is broken hit the fireball so it bounces toward the right and hopefully bottom cactus. With burned cactus aim high as you can to the right and try to bounce your papa off the wall past the cactus and either bouncing the fruit out or bouncing on the burned cactus. Replaying this level to write tips I bounced off the carrots past the cactus bouncing the fruit out. I don’t know when to shoot since I can’t figure out the timing.
While the fruit is bouncing hit any multipliers bouncing so they hit items. Getting the points can be hard now so being at x2 or x3 will help and when the fruit drops each unused papa is 5000 points times your x2, x3, etc.
Wait for the fruit to bounce out and drop. If it hasn’t after a while of bouncing try bouncing high off the wall right to help push the fruit out. Now the bouncing papa in the center will eventually disappear or if it stops bouncing gets recalled to the gun for hopeful victory.

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