Papa Pear Saga Level 574, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


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Get the multiplier fast. You need them to get the points easier. Aim to the right to remove acorns then break the jar. Other multipliers come from the watermelon and red peppers. You need the multipliers quickly because a majority of points come from the items in the “carrot boxes”.
Aim to the left really curving your aiming line trying to drop a papa down the left wall to start removing half of the red peppers. Getting the right side red peppers can be started by rolling down the bamboo hopefully avoiding the cactus. You might weaken/remove the watermelon too.
Once you get some multipliers curve your aiming line and shoot a papa in the left bamboo gap when the mushroom will be invisible. Removing enough items might make a grande power up.
Getting the lower right items needs you to remove any peas in the way bouncing off the wall hopefully into the bamboo gap removing many items.
With multipliers you can make points making and removing peas.
If you made a grande above bamboo it will either roll down the bamboo and hit the mushroom bouncing it back and roll back down or up and down if on the lower bamboo for points and more grandes. A grande will remove the blackberries nicely when the cactus are sleeping for lots of points.
I don’t know if I agree with the “Easy To Complete” on the video because without the multipliers you’ll lose so try again and you will probably win easily.



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