Papa Pear Saga Level 575 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


Get 8 Double Pins


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Besides hitting the doublers you need to hit multipliers to assure that you’ll get enough points so let your papas remove lots of the similar items. The top mystery cans have a nut or cactus to add to your problems too.
Aim at the top left jar trying to get your dot right on the center top of the jar so your papa will bounce up and down breaking it and hitting the doubler. Hopefully one or both papas will start removing the blackberries and carrots to break that jar. That lower mystery can does not have a cactus.
Curving your aiming line will make removing the acorns and carrots easier if the jar isn’t broken. You papa will also weaken/remove the red pepper and mushroom and possibly bounce off the watermelon into the doubler above the cauliflower.
Curve your aiming line to bounce off the flat bamboo to hit the top right jar. A good bounce up will get your papa to bounce off the upper bamboo breaking the jar hitting the doubler. The two papas should remove the blackberries, carrots, and hopefully break and hit that doubler. Breaking the bottom jar is hard because of that cactus. Hopefully a papa will get past the cactus and rapidly bounce off the wall breaking the jar and hit that doubler.
A real treat is having your papa bounce five times on a bucket lid making a doubler so you can hit that and avoid the harder ones or remove the doubler under the cactus.