Papa Pear Saga Level 576 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


Light Up The Buckets 


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One fewer papa but some lids are open and others damaged so still play it like the video.
Remove as many of the items under the mushrooms as you can The red pepper will give you a multiplier that you should hit as soon as possible. You will probably make grande power ups which are needed to pop the bubbles down lower.
The warp spinner will have your papa emerge over the edge buckets, two times per side before switching, to help open/light them but you need to bounce off something to get your papa into it.
If the bubble is popped on the right side try bouncing with a curved aiming line on the bamboo above where the bubble was to see if you can bounce into the center bucket or wood lid bucket. If you have removed enough items see if you can curve your aiming line to drop a papa onto the wooden bucket lid.
Getting the right side bucket needs a lot of the acorns/onions and the yellow pepper removed to try to hit the lid. You need to bounce off something to get there or into the warp.
With enough items removed on the left side you can curve your aiming line and hit/light both buckets.
Say you’re lit all the buckets except the right side one and you have enough points and 8+ papas. Curve your aiming line to shoot a papa into a bucket. Keep shooting, waiting a bit, until you make the pink bucket lighter power up. Aim and hit it to win.
Since the broken and open lids vary so much from game to game if you have lots of lives just quit a hard looking game or use it for practice until you get an easy layout.