Papa Pear Saga Level 577 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


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This is a fairly easy level as long as not too many papas get killed trying to get sucked into the vacuum plant.
Start by shooting the two multipliers and letting your papas remove items and hopefully get sucked into the vacuum plant. Shoot at the pea pod to start making peas and removing more items before entering the vacuum plant. If your papas are getting killed by the cactus shoot directly into the plant until it pops.
With papas going everywhere, splitting the potato and starting/removing the cauliflower blowing shoot any easy multipliers. Removing the cauliflower(s) will create another multiplier too.
Aim toward the areas with lots of items. Either side by the mushrooms side can be a successful spot to make a grande power up. If you get a grande up high sacrifice a papa or two to put the cactus to sleep. Removing them is very helpful since bouncing off items seems to send your papa right at them. Also, the tree cannons will shoot your papa at the cactus once the items blocking them are removed.
If you don’t have the points when down to your last few papas look for areas with lots of items. Gently shoot at them weakening/removing as many as possible. If you get good item removal it’s amazing how many points you can make.
You shouldn’t have much trouble with this level as long as you make and hit the multipliers soon as possible.

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