Papa Pear Saga Level 578 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


Remove 95 Carrots




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Thankfully King changed this level from the 95, all, carrots to remove. They also took out a lot of the cactus too.
You need multipliers so start by bouncing off the left yellow peppers to remove some carrots and send your papa into the tree cannon. The mystery can can have good things like a fireball or bad like a cactus so hope for good. By removing the yellow peppers you can curve your aiming line to get it between the acorns and carrots for more carrot removal. Remove the right side yellow pepper for the multiplier bouncing your papas toward carrots and enter the tree cannon for carrot and other item removal.
If you removed the carrots on the top and by the right wall above the blueberry aim as high as you can to bounce your papa under the pea pod removing those carrots. Removing the carrots between the watermelon and right tree cannon needs a bounce from the tree cannon into the mushrooms bouncing the papa to the left along with careful aimed shots between the blackberry and carrots by the watermelon’s right side.
Removing the left side carrots will need a curved aiming line to shoot your papas. Aim at the lines that separate each carrot so you remove two of them. A good bounce will send your papa towards the carrots with acorns between them removing more carrots and eventually acorns to get access to the other carrots. The tree cannon can help too especially if there was a good item in the mystery can.
If your papa hasn’t removed the potato sticks and watermelon do it while removing carrots with you shots. You need the multipliers for points.
Once you’re down to needing the last carrots look for long groups of carrots and aim at the separation lines to remove two carrots. And curve your aiming line to get past the tree cannons if there are carrots past them or the up and down carrot areas have accessible carrots.

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