Papa Pear Saga Level 579 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


Bring Down The Fruits




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This level can be a pain if you don’t get the correct items in the mystery cans and a round fruit on the right side. And you need to make/hit three multipliers to help build points as you remove items.
Aim to the right, over the carrots, and shoot two papas while avoiding the watermelon seeds. You want the papas to remove items and get below the fruit to open the mystery can and remove the acorns/onions and open a lid. If the mystery can has a cactus you won’t win since no fruit can get past it. You want the nut instead so use this as practice dropping the other fruit.
Having a fireball in the mystery can is very helpful in removing items and burning the lower cactus. Good bounces will make a grande power up too. A doubler in the can makes dropping the fruit in the cactus’s but can be done so

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