Papa Pear Saga Level 581, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


Remove Three Grande Pins



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Aim to the right so your papa bounces on the top of the nut when the mushrooms are invisible. Avoiding the cactus can be tricky so adjust your aim a bit if you keep hitting it. Once past the cactus the tree cannon will shoot your papa into the warp sinner emerging your papa moving upwards inside the bouncy blueberries on the left. You want the mystery can to be another blueberry to help “trap” any papa grandes you make for lots of points. Or the can will have a fireball useful for burning the acorns/onions and hopefully burning the top cactus.
Your first papa in there may get down on the acorns/onions removing a lot of them but also making a grande power up. Having them on the blueberry side helps, especially if it’s in the blueberry area.
Having multipliers will help you score the minimum so watch for any papas that bounce out of the right side and start hitting the potato or top yellow pepper. The potato sticks need hitting and the resulting dice can bounce anywhere so the yellow peppers are a safer multiplier. Removing the bottom one will get your papa killed because the blackberries block a curved shot. If blackberries and carrots by the top get removed you can remove the bottom yellow pepper and also hit the center grande easier.
Now that you have some multipliers keep shooting for the warp to bounce your papa for points and make a grande. If your papa hits the right wall then into the warp you can make a fireball power up with a good left wall bounce. Hopefully you’ll make a firepapa and bounce up to break the jars for firepapa grande and burn/remove the cactus.
If you move your pointer way up you can try to shoot a papa off the bamboo slant to get to the right blueberry side. It’s a good chance to hit the broken jar grande and make points. You can see it in the video.

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