Papa Pear Saga Level 582, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


Remove 65 Acorns



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Aim at the top watermelon and shoot when the puff of smoke disappears to avoid your papa hitting the seeds. Shoot one papa at a time since it will bounce around removing items, popping bubbles, and hopefully removing acorns. You need multipliers so remove the watermelons and red peppers first.
Aim at the left side blueberry leaf so your papa hits the left side wall then bounce into the center area with the three blueberries or better the acorns on the right. You may hit the bubble plant but you want to remove those acorns and start the cauliflower blowing. If your papa bounces into the warp spinner it will come out by the orange bucket or above the left side mystery can.
The blowing cauliflower will remove a lot of acorns and onions and even the carrots in the center section. Your papa should make a grande power up may even remove enough items to break through the center section.
Keep bouncing on the blueberry hitting the wall and bouncing hopefully into more acorns. If you have removed enough acorns and onions below the right side bubble plant and you get a good bounce you can make a fireball. Try your best to get your firepapa to remove acorns by hitting it on the edge and not straight on.
Once you’ve removed lots of acorns and multipliers look for easy shots at acorns if you need just a few to win.

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