Papa Pear Saga Level 583, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


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These tips, like the level in my opinion, aren’t going to be very good because of the high amount of cactus in the mystery cans and the fireball, not grande, in the jar.
You need to make and hit as many multipliers as you can to help you win. Three are the vacuum plant, cauliflower, and yellow peppers. If the beginning one isn’t by the cactus like in this picture that’d be an easy one to start with.
If you have a grande in the jar start breaking, adjusting your shot so your papa bounces into items in the moving bubble, possibly bouncing back to weaken the jar. Don’t break it, keep the lid bright red so no crazy papa bounce hits the grande. If one of your shots misses but heads toward the vacuum plant it will remove yellow peppers. A papa might get stuck not popping the bubble making a grande power up. If the grande is in a good place to remove cactus use it.
Start working on popping the vacuum plant next. Shoot over the acorns/onions trying to hit them to remove as many as possible. With them removed you can curve your aiming line easier to potentially remove the cauliflower and also make peas if the mystery can has a blueberry in it. Hit any multipliers as soon as you can while you have papas from the vacuum plant bouncing around.

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