Papa Pear Saga Level 626 has been updated for Androids, this is how you play the updated EASY level 626 in Papa Pear Saga.


Papa Pear Saga Level 626 went from being ridiculously hard to embarrassingly easy. Are we Papa Maniacs somehow getting mocked by the devs in the Kingdom, or what?!!


I first downloaded Bluestacks –> and installed it on my computer. It needs a lot of memory(min 4 gig) and in the FREE Bluestacks Android Emulator  there are adverts, otherwise I have no complaints about this mobile device inside my computer. 🙂

PLAY PAPA PEAR SAGA LEVEL 600 at your laptopAfter having Bluestacks OPEN, do a search for Papa Pear Saga from Bluestacks homescreen/Google PLAY, just install and you will be ready to play Papa Pear Saga at your PC/Mac in no time! You will get all your own progress by logging in to your Facebook or Kingdom account.

If you want you can click(or copy to bluestacks and paste) this link for Papa Pear Saga to open up Google PLAY in the Bluestacks web browser and install it that way. You need to be connected to Google PLAY to install easily.

Papa Pear Saga Level 626 designed for PC sucks and need to be changed, suggestion by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


papa-pear-saga-level-626Barcelona, dämit!!! We Witches think you could lower the score to get one star for lvl 626 and add AT LEAST one more papa into the mix.
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  1. John Vickers

    When I first started playing Papa Pear Saga Level 626, I could get the buckets but not the points. Now, I can get the points, but not the buckets. King, change PAPA PEAR SAGA level 626, please.


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