Papa Pear Saga Level 716, tips by Alf.
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Level 716 is really very tricky to beat. Eight acorns means ALL acorns, at that is a tough target.
At first you have to remove the two top cauliflowers:
– For the right side, either shoot high to the right wall a fraction before the whole side starts moving upwards, or gently drop a papa there. When you shoot to late, the papa is wasted.
– For the left side, shoot high to the left wall while the whole side is moving upwards since a short moment.
Once you have removed those two cauliflowers also the vacuum plant should have popped, and maybe even some acorns have been collected.
Now get the multiplier and continue to remove acorns:
For the right side, now drop gently papas between the bamboos when they are at their lowest point. Bubbles will help keeping the papa in the area.
For the left side, just continue to shoot as before.


Get 8 Acorns


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