Papa Pear Saga Level 723 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


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5 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 723”

  1. Alf Igel

    Tips for level 727:

    Shoot on the orchid first, and collect that multiplier. Then try to make a fire bonus by shooting above one of the onions near the wall, and bounce to the other side – this does not work every time. Then have the bonus in a usable place is even rare. And finally have the fire papa burning both moving cactus even more rare.
    But if that happens you have a fair chance to open all lids and light all buckets.
    For the outer buckets, shoot whenever the upper moving cactus is on the side of the bucket.
    For the center bucket just wait for an open gap in the moving objects.

  2. Alf Igel

    Tips for level 726:

    Shoot to the left. That is basically all you need to do πŸ™‚
    First open a path so you can shoot to the left wall and bounce into the vortex whenever the bamboo and the cactus are both moving down.
    Continue to do so until you have made eight fire bonus, then collect them.
    That’s all!
    Two stars are reached easily, but there are hardly enough items to reach three stars.

  3. Alf Igel

    Tips for level 725:

    This is a very hard level, as you can only remove carrots and red chilies with aiming, while yellow chilies, blackberries and the can are just luck. Even more luck is needed for the mushrooms, while some onions and acorns are simply impossible to remove. So more than three multipliers need some luck after all.

    First, drop papas carefully on the carrots such that they can bounce between the red mushrooms, helping to open the can. Then go for the red chilies. With three multipliers and many papas left you can go for removing the yellow chilies and the blackberries where some are hidden under leafs at the bottom. Good luck!

    Having some luck and good aiming I could pass with over 275.000 points!

  4. Alf Igel

    Tips for level 724:
    You must find the aiming line how to remove the yellow chilies with two shots. Then get the multiplier, and start removing the content of the bamboo circles on the left and right.
    Do not even dream to remove anything in the bamboo center circle under the pea pod. More than a lucky hit is not possible!

  5. Alf Igel

    Just did let the paps bounce around, with no real plan, and passed immediately with over 250.000 points πŸ™‚

    Ok, seriously: Without a lot of luck you will be able to collect only 5 black berries, as the three under the cactus cannot be hit directly in any way, not other than by lucky bouncing one can be removes. A fire bonus will be very helpful – IF it hits a cactus, or two! Also a grande bonus…
    The other five require good aiming, but are well doable.


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