Papa Pear Saga Level 732, tips by Pat.
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Level 732 is another nearly impossible luck level where all grande bonus will be placed on the same, inaccessible spot, and all papas will go into the one, same bucket only.
There is no way at all to direct a papa to a certain bucket, and it is all luck where they will come out in the end.
So it is just stupidly shooting into the vortex and wait for the one fine day where all buckets will be lit coincidentally…


Light Up The Buckets


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  1. Alf Igel

    It is helpful to shoot the first two papas at the right mushroom, so later when the vacuum plant pops the paps will drop there and not hit the cactus.
    Then shoot the next papas at the left mushroom, until the vacuum plant pops.
    From there on, shoot low into the vortex, the papas that will come out in the middle hit the vortex again, thus doubling your chances to open the last bucket on the right.
    If this is lit, probably the next two buckets are lit, too, and then try to send the papas only through the left gap in the bamboo for the remaining left buckets.
    Still it will need a week or too until you have a lucky game to pass.

    At least the minimum score is no problem!


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