Papa Pear Saga Level 735, tips by Pat.
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And for all bad levels, there is one topping it, which is level 735.
Looking nicely, in a space invader design, it is just the opposite. Three of the seven blackberries are not even visible at all, hidden under so many onions that only twice the number of papas would be enough to remove them all. You can make fire papas, but due to the immense number of onions even they are not helpful, and then king is placing most of fire bonus in inaccessible places anyway, either directly behind a red mushroom that reappears faster than you can shoot, or under the space invaders, so you can never hit them, and even if you could, the fire papas would just go down the bucket, nothing else…


Get 6 Blackberries


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  1. Pat

    It would be nice to replace the text above with _RELEVANT_ level description:

    Definitely one of the hardest level, but even this is solvable:
    At first, remove the chilies and mushrooms. Not for the multipliers (the minimum score is ridiculously low anyway), but you need this space to make fire bonus. Therefore shoot to the right wall when the right space invader is at its lowest point. You need to find the right aiming line which is slightly lower than maximum, so that the papa bounces from the lowest blue berry over the left space invader to the left wall. It needs some time – and probably a lot of games – to find this spot. Stop making fire bonus when there are as many as papas left.
    The rest is just luck, as usual: use the fire bonus and hope that the fire papas will do something useful, not just going into the next bucket as so often…


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