Papa Pear Saga Level 736, tips by Pat.
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Light Up The Buckets


Level 736 is the next badly designed level: You have 14 papas, and you need 9 to open the lids, the remaining 5 to light the buckets. This means that whenever a papa hits an already lit bucket, the game is lost. And that happens regularly, as hitting a bucket is just a thing of luck, nothing you can plan, for the outer buckets.
Also when there is a cactus in the can, it makes no sense to continue the level.

One Response to “Papa Pear Saga Level 736”

  1. Alf Igel

    This is how I managed the level:

    First shoot high to the left and right, when the mushrooms appear. They should be removed thereafter, give a first multiplier, and you have opened a gap in the bamboo to shoot at the buckets on the outside.
    Once you have opened them focus on opening the lid on the center bucket. Until this is opened, some paps might have lit other buckets already.
    Now light the outer buckets and center buckets first, as these cannot be hit directly, and finally shoot into the second and fourth bucket when the blueberries allow you to pass.

    Over 100,000 points in a couple of games…


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