Papa Pear Saga Level 739, tips by Pat, maybe he is THE original Papa himself?!!


Objectives: Get 220 000 points with 17 papas.


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While playing Papa Pear Saga Level 739 you will often come close, but rarely ever pass the minimum score which is very high for a level with so few to hits.

Start with removing the melon to obtain the first multiplier. Then it can already be tough to collect that. Also it is not easy to make two more by removing the yellow and red chilies.

When you have all three multipliers, then and only then it is time to go for the blackberries on the right side, but not before.

They will help getting to the minimum score, but you still need a lot of luck and lucky bouncing to remove other items and collect enough points to pass!



Video tips by Lea, picture credits to YouTuber Moskito, guide edited by Mainewil.


Good Luck playing Papa Pear Saga Level 739!


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