Papa Pear Saga Level 740, tips by Pat.
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Level 740 is quite easy again. Just study the timing of the mushrooms and hit them. The chilies will be removed by bouncing papas anyway.
If you have a fire bonus, it can be helpful to eliminate the pea pod so you won’t get peas in your way.
Passed with over 90,000 points and three papas left.


Get Two Multipliers 


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  1. Alf Igel

    Timing is everything, as some mushrooms have 2-2-sec on-off-times, others 2-1-sec, 1-2-sec, and 1-1-sec. A ticking wall clock can be very helpful in understanding the timing. And you have to shoot against a wall when the mushroom is OFF (and going ON in the NEXT second), as it takes another second for the papa to get there!

    One papa left, only over 70k points, but still good enough for #1 in high score 🙂


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