Papa Pear Saga Level 744, tips by Pat.
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Level 744 is not as hard as it seems. But my first approach wasn’t successful. This level is not about making a multiplier quickly. Even for the single blackberry you have to remove too many items that count before you have it.
So I changed for making peas, grande bonus, and let papa grandes bounce between peas and blueberries. That gave me almost 500,000 points while before I failed miserably…


Get 290,000 Points


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  1. Alf Igel

    I made a completely different experience: You won’t get any grande by making peas and bounce against them. In about every second game there may be only ONE grande bonus (i.e. 3 grande total in 6 games!).
    So I changed to dropping the first papa carefully into the items, getting the multliplier, and then continued with making peas, and bouncing between them and the items.
    In every game I got a distinctive higher score, above 200k, compared to about 130k only for the described tactic!
    And in the sixth game I even scored over 300k – level passed…


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