Papa Pear Saga Level 745, tips by Pat.
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Level 745 is not easy, but also not so hard; six multipliers can often be made after some training, and once I even had eight, but no more papa to get them!
So it really needs some luck not to be one papa short, as it happened so often, and also to make – and collect – the seventh multiplier.
Start with opening the cans by shooting into the slightly larger gap on the left side of the can. With some luck you also remove the cauliflowers by that. Then shoot to the walls to remove the chilies and blackberries, and aim at the acorns. Usually also the carrots will be removed, and then you have your seven multipliers.
Passed with over 210,000 points, but no papa left!


Get Seven Multipliers


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  1. Alf Igel

    Funny fact: You need to remove only TWO of the cauliflowers to gain a multiplier, not all three!

    Passed with two papas left, and over 375,000 points.
    Did not remove all acorns, nor all mushrooms.


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