Papa Pear Saga Level 750, tips by Pat.
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Level 750 is another really tough one, and usually cannot be passed other than with luck.
You need to remove four of five kind of items, and there are too many onions, some mushrooms are too fast disappearing to hit them all, other items cannot be hit directly but only by lucky bouncing.
Fire papas help a lot, and there is a way to make them: Shoot a papa below the right flower, and hope that the onions below it will not be removed. When you shoot on the rightmost onion, the papa will bounce back, hit a blue berry on the left, and finally the left wall.
Another way is later, when more items are gone, to hit the wall and then the vortex.
Also sometimes the multipliers are placed in places impossible to hit, too, ruining an otherwise good game.
But finally made it with close to 250,000 points and one papa left.


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