Papa Pear Saga Level 755, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins



Papa Pear Saga Level 755 tips: try to take your time, aim one a at the time, let each papa bounce all the way to the bucket and get you closer to needed points (70,000 for 1 star). It would be wise to get asap that one multiplier in the middle, as you can see in our video it is  to get one star 😉 . Count also that blackberries get the most points so try not to remove it at the begining, maybe when you get that one multiplier? Try to aim like a bow, so papa bounces slowly, use peas from both sides also – what ever it takes so each papa stays on the board as long as it can before entering a bucket. Good luck!


Papa Pear Saga level 755 no boosters, video:


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  1. Pat

    I don’t understand why classifies this level as hard, when it can be passed after a couple of games only.
    The strategy is simple: Drop papas carefully onto the can with the multiplier, and simultaneously remove the yellow chilies for a second one.
    When you have collected both, use the remaining papas to collect the blackberries on the left and right between the pea pods.
    Passed with over 100,000 points easily!
    The minimum score must have been raised to 90,000 points as another player passed with 72,000 points only – not possible anymore, but it was even easier then: I scored over 80,000 points in every game!


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