Papa Pear Saga Level 756, tips by Pat.
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Also level 756 is harder than level 755!
You need to remove ALL 15 carrots with only 14 papas, and some are very hard to hit.
At first, aim at the carrots between the bamboos such that your aiming line ends next to the carrot.
Then shoot low into the vortex (any), the papa will come out left first, then alternating two times right, two times left. With some lucky timing this should remove the carrots on the outside; the right one you can remove ONLY this way,the left can also be hit directly.
When this is done, hopefully you don’t have too many peas in your way, and can hit the remaining moving carrots.
Don’t expect many points, everything over 10,000 is fine, and you’ll probably need all papas…


Get 15 Carrots


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