Papa Pear Saga Level 757, tips by Pat.
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Level 757 is the next very bad luck level. 16 papas – exactly the number needed to light all buckets – for a level where you cannot aim at four out of five buckets, but hitting them is pure random, it can’t be much worser – maybe some papas fewer!?
Instead they opted for an unreasonable high minimum score, so the first thing you have to do is make and collect a multiplier. Shoot high to the left, removing most carrots and all potato slices, and one chili. Then remove the other chili and collect the multiplier.
Thereafter shoot through the second bamboo gap from the left, at the wall, into the vortex. The papas will come out either top right or above the melon. On the right side they will make a fire bonus sometimes, and that you MUST USE to have a chance at all (for score and opening a bucket)!
Still it remains 99% luck after all…


Light Up The Buckets

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