Papa Pear Saga Level 759, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

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One Response to “Papa Pear Saga Level 759”

  1. Pat

    This level is a really hard one. It took so many days and so many more games played to pass – no fun anymore!
    Without a lot of luck, the level is basically unpassable, as you can never remove all onions – there are too many – and you can hardly remove the carrots under the onions – because there are too many onions in the way! And even if you could, there were too few papas left…

    But somehow I still made it, starting with taking out the very shortly appearing mushroom above the acorns by shooting on them and let the reflecting papas hit the mushroom eventually.
    Somehow some papas bounced around the onions and removed the carrots there, so the path was free to remove the rest – acorns, blackberries, and remaining carrots, by shooting mainly between acorns and blackberries.

    Beware the vortex, except for the second hit the papas always drop out in the bottom and are LOST!

    Passed with 170k and the last papa!


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