Papa Pear Saga Level 762, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

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Light Up The Buckets


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  1. Pat

    You MUST make fire bonus and grande bonus – there is NO WAY to pass this level without as there are far less papas than needed to open and light all buckets!

    At first, shoot BELOW the vortex against the wall. Until those items are removed, the papa will hit the wall, bounce up, and come out the other side, making at least one fire bonus. When the items are gone, shoot directly into the vortex, until both buckets on the right are lit.
    Then continue to open and light the buckets on the left.
    Grande bonus are luck only, but without luck you cannot pass this level πŸ™

    Had one fire bonus, two grande, and needed every papa to pass – only one bucket had been hit twice!


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