Papa Pear Saga Level 774, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins and in comments

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Level 774 has been made easier after original launch, in the video you can see that 80 peas are required, but in the updated version of Level 774 you need only 70. Check comments lower on at this page for Level 774 in order to get some useful extra hints for how 774 can be solved.

Get 80 Peas with 18 moves

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  1. Pat

    Level 774has become easier since only 70 peas are required.
    Start removing the melons, they are in the way but no help. But avoid hitting the wall, making fire bonus!
    Bouncing papas will also start producing first peas.
    Now shoot at one wall at the blueberries when the pea pod has traveled about half way towards them. Papas will reflect into the pea pod and bounce between it and the blue berries making more peas that you can collect then.

    About 120,000 points can be scored, and two or three multipliers made.


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