Papa Pear Saga Level 776, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

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Bring Down The Fruits


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  1. Pat

    The level now has only 13 papas, not eighteen as shown. Impossible to pass with so many papas wasted like in the video! It’s all luck that the level didn’t terminate though the blue fruit fall so much later than the last papa!

    To pass you need to remove two acorns above and below the left blueberry first.
    Then shoot exactly at the side of it when the lower bamboo moves to the left and reaches the cloud. This will release the lower fruit after three shots (or more).
    Luckily papas have already removed some carrots above the pea pod, otherwise do so now.
    Then shoot higher at the left wall when the upper bamboo is almost to the left. Another three shots (or more) will also release that fruit.
    Fruits will fall out by themselves, and papas should have opened the two left buckets already for the first fruit.

    The right side will work less good as the blueberry is lower and this gives a worse angle.

    Did so with two papas left, and over 40,000 points.


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