Papa Pear Saga Level 781, video walkthrough by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

15 papas to start with

Starting Layout FOR PAPA PEAR SAGA LEVEL 781

What’s that smell? Greedy developers?!


Update your Android Papa Pear Saga App to play the new fun levels, they are easier at Android than at Facebook!

Have fun! Best Wishes, John, Lea and Peetra.




Teh Objectives for the Facebook version of Papa Pear 781 are to get at least 93,000 points and use no more than tops 18 papas, if you are willing to pay around 2 dollars on gold bars you can ofc buy 3 extra papas in the end.


Objectives for lvl 781: Get 80 000 points with only  15 papas. Check out this demo made by Lea!

Youtube Channel the Blogging Witches, hit the subscribe button to get the freshest Papa Pear Saga Level demos FIRST while still freshly launched and buggy as hot as they come from the crazy Spanish devs!!!!

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