Papa Pear Saga Level 785, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins John and Lea


You just need to shoot OFF THE WALL  into the warp spinners and make a lot of firepapas and you will get even MORE than 7 powerUps. Remember that a firepapa will not collect another firepapa as it used to earlier.

Use 7 Power-Ups / Gameplay at Facebook 13th Oct 2017

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Use 5 Power-Ups / Gameplay at Android when the episode was really freshly baken, we kind of knew already that Papa Pear Saga Level 785 will not remain as easy as it first was. And even with seven PowerUps needed it is still quite boring.


 Click and PLAY the VIDS in our cheatsheet Youtube playlist for 
Papa Pear Saga Levels 781 to 795, 
these Papa Pear levels were launched Oct 5th 2017 at Google PLAY for 
Android and Bluestacks and a few days later at Faceboook.


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