Papa Pear Saga Level 790, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

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Use 7 Power-Ups



5 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 790”

  1. Pat

    In my level 790 the papas don’t fly like in the video. They never ever make it over to the other side without hitting the pea pod or bamboo, and only very rarely ever have a double bounce that will bring the over to the other wall.. And there are much more peas in the way that will make this impossible even more.
    Also never ever any grande bonuses are given. Papas just dump into the buckets too quickly.
    Even worse, not more than half of the minimum points can be scored

  2. Pat

    It’s completely pointless to play a level designed so badly as this one:
    The point you have to hit on the blueberry is so small that moving the mouse just by one pixel will let the papa jump to somewhere complete else already!
    Also the split-second that you have to meet while the bamboo is moving is so small that it is almost impossible to repeat a shot at all!!
    And even if you ever collect the seven power-ups, you will never ever even come close to the score limit at all!!!

      • Pat

        The key is to hit the acorns first, then the multiplier.
        Continue with blackberries and the next multiplier.
        The rest is luck, as for getting some grande and doubler, and maybe even a fire bonus.


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