Papa Pear Saga Level 791, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


Light Up The Buckets, but you can not use more than 18 papas for free, or use gold bars to buy 3 more in the end.


This was John’s first thoughts about Papa Pear 791: Papa Pear Saga level 791 in this section seems not passable without boosters. Had to use the Aerial booster to pass. Hey King!! You really need to do more than prove these levels out on paper.


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Link to playlist papa pear 781 - 195 (YouTube, Lea, Clemens and John from Papa Pear Saga Help Group)

Click and PLAY the VIDS in our cheatsheet Youtube playlist for Papa Pear Saga Levels 781 to 795, these Papa Pear levels were launched Oct 5th 2017 at Google PLAY



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  1. Alf Igel

    Even on paper the level must turn out to be completely stupid. Having shot three papas, all three bouncing endless, all three maikng grande bonus, all three turning into grandes, all three bouncing around endless even more, until being locked into the bamboo – seemingly endless, until turning small again, and then bouncing endless…

    However after the melons were gone, and the cauliflowers, too, and four multipliers collected, the game became fun to play.
    With a good, curved aiming to the center of the left and right wall you can pass between bamboo and blueberry, and hit all three inner buckets easily.

    I had FOUR papas left in my FIRST game, and got THREE stars for almost 250,000 points!!! And NO BOOSTER used!


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