Papa Pear Saga Level 795, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

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Remove 4 Mushrooms

3 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 795”

  1. Pat

    With the bamboos crossing in less than a second, it is complete luck to get a papa through at all, as no person can ever react so quickly, with all the delay of mouse or other pointing device, and additionally some of the mushrooms appeaing for another split-second at all, and then disappearing for a much much longer time.
    What do these think we are?
    Super-computers with terra-flops???
    What a stupid level design again!!! Maximizing the frustration, minimizing the fun in playing, have proved again that there is always a new low in game design!

  2. Pat

    Definitely one of the worst luck levels ever.
    Bamboos moving faster than you can react, crossing in less than 0,8 sec, so your open window is not even half of that time. Perverted dumbness in design, aggravated by mushrooms that appear only a split second, and even will NOT be hit in the moment they become visible because is just too dumb to program properly!!!

    • Pat

      So after passing asks you to play the level again – but why should anyone on earth like to play such a bad level again ever?


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