Papa Pear Saga Level 819, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


Revised Level Design for Papa Pear 819 requires 195 000 points! :O


I am looking as level design and they show the berries in the upper left and it is like….

Why would even want to shoot at them?

I mean.. You have to hit them twice to get them. There would be great score to earn from them, but how the heck are you gonna get to them…?

I say; Hit the warp spinner, that’s the right way to do it! In the video Liridon starts out doing just that and when he safely have got the one star score, he shows off by hitting the berries generating a whopping score of 276 000 points! :O



Get 130,000 Points


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5 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 819”

    • Pat changes the levels from time to time, mine has also 195,000 points which is too high; 130,000 I’d passed right away…

      • Alf Igel

        Passed with over 200,00 points on the first attempt!

        Start making multipliers with the carrots (only four) and the mushrooms (also four).
        Make fire bonus by shooting on the upper blueberry past the upper blackberries into the wall.

    • Pat

      The video is of no help either, it just shows dumb-ass-luck again that seems to be essential to pass levels like this just too often.
      I never have as many grande bonus as shown in the video, if there is a single one in the whole game it would be a surprise already.
      Papas remove items much more than in the video, and thus go down the bucket much earlier.

      Even worse: When I had finished the level with 242.000 points, the level still wouldn’t end!!! The last papa was shot and down the bucket, there were no more items to heat but some peas, and two unused multipliers, but the blueberries kept moving, and moving, and moving….

      • Pat

        So the only thing to do was ending a level THAT HAD BEEN PASSED – GREEN CHECK MARK WHEN ASKING TO TERMINATE !!!!!

        And of course the next time this level played was just as rotten as all the other times before!!!


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