Liridon’s and John’s video demos for Papa Pear Saga Level 858

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Bring Down The 4 Fruits
King have been changing the amount of papas you can use for level 858, so we have provided one vid with 15 papas used and another with 20 papas used.

As written above: We have another demo level gameplay for 858 as well.

You can find all the Papa Maniacs from the Blogging Itches huzzler’s gang in our FB group: Papa Pear Saga Help

4 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 858”

  1. Alf Igel

    You can make another video – it’s 23 papas now.
    The sound of bouncing fruits and firing melons is going on my nerves – have to play with sound turned off πŸ™
    So my first task is to drop papas onto the melons until they go away. Bouncing papas will remove items meanwhile, particularly those blocking the asparagus.
    In this level the coconuts recover much faster than before, like in their first appearance, and it is hardly possible to remove them with two papas shot in sequence.
    Once got three papas and a fruit on the lower asparagus, nothing happened, until simply removed them all – not returning them :-(((
    But fruits will most likely be trapped above the cauliflowers, and there is often no way ever to remove them as the asparagus cannot move due to the coconut, and the coconut cannot be hit due to the asparagus .
    Altogether a very unpleasant level.

  2. Pat

    I don’t think it is such a bad level, as I came close (3/4) after some games. But it needs luck, as long as the cauliflowers are blowing your papas will die faster than you can shoot them into the onions where the fruits get trapped…
    So you have to remove the cauliflowers first – somehow!
    Then the number of papas may still be too few to get enough onions removed.

    • Pat

      After a long fight with usually 1 fruit brought down (sometimes none, sometimes two) I suddenly had brought down all four fruits, x5 multiplier, 5 papas left, and scored 250,000 points !
      Nothing done differently to previously games, but passed…

      • Alf Igel

        I think it is important to remove the melons first, but then the cauliflowers, e.g. by shooting at the coconut next to them, or the rim of the buckets below them.
        Once the cauliflowers are gone, keep the upper fruit where it is, and at first open a gap in the melons to bring down the lower fruit.Only thereafter shoot twice at the coconut which blocks the upper asparagus to release the upper fruit.

        While I focused on that strategy for the last several games, it took a while until things went right eventually.

        4x multiplier, 3 papas left, and 173,000 points (three stars) were good enough for the next #1 in high score.


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