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Papa Pear Saga Level 859, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

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Light Up The Buckets


3 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 859”

  1. Alf Igel

    So, the level has 13 papas now, but is still hardly solvable. There are some unfairness built in, like the two bucket lighter will never ever light the right bucket as long as as other buckets are not lit yet, while in all other levels that was random now it is unfair. The other is that of the two left buckets, all most doublers will go into one bucket, and the other one usually doe snot even open, and all following papas will go into the already lit bucket. Also the minimum score is so high that you can never reach it during the game, but can only pass if you have multipliers and several papas left.

    Despite all this hassle I managed to pass with over 100,000 points and two stars as I had five papas left with x2 and could lit the center bucket before the second bucket lighter got hit.

    • Alf Igel

      Even when you have passed, it will be almost impossible to repeat that. I played several more times, and it were several more disasters where everything which could go wrong went wrong. But finally one game where everything seemed to be lost when the fire papa hit the two bucket lighters too early I had the luck that I still had eight papas left, so enough to make another lighter as the one above the always last unopened, right bucket is unreachable (just another built-in…
      So passed with one papa left, but x4, and over 135,000 points πŸ™‚

    • Pat

      I can confirm that the level is quite rigged. I also have made the experience that one of the two left buckets will not get lit even when you send several papas down there they will almost certainly go into the already lit bucket. I also have never seen that the two bucket lighters will ever light the right bucket unless there is no other choice.
      I had passed the minimum score in a regular game however there was no chance to light all buckets then. You can either go for points or fill the buckets πŸ™
      I passed the level twice, and on the first time it was with about 50,000 points and three papa left x3, the second time I came close to 80,000 points and had one papa left x2. Between that were several futile attempts…


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