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Tips by Papa Pear Saga Help members

  • Use 4 Multiplier Pins
  • “You have to throw the papas on the right wall so it passes between the green bars and falls into the vortex()spinner to touch the left side for fire balls!”
  • “I finally passed this thing. On this level with THIS setup, what worked for me was to bounce the pears off the wall and try to get at the carrots and dice and then work on the coconuts.”
  • It takes luck I took a lot of time to pass it!


 Question from FB group member: Does anybody else’s level 865 switch back and forth on content, number of papa’s, placement of content………..? This level started out with some potato dice and carrots and the mushrooms outside the stacked onion columns. Now it looks like this. ??? To get 4 multiplier pins on this, I’d have to eliminate mushrooms and coconuts, PLUS all of either the berries, acorns or onions and there are a lot of those stacked in there. Is it just me or is Papa Pear messing with me on this?

When I started, I got the carrots and the dice. These last few days, they’re not here. Also the mushrooms are moved to the central area and the onions / Berries / acorns are very densely packed and take tons of blows to eliminate them. I can’t do it with 20 pears.

2 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 865”

  1. Alf Igel

    My level looks like this: with carrots and potato dices in the mesh of items, two mushrooms moving on the outside, and four coconuts in the bottom.

    Shooting at the right wall will just rarely give a fire bonus – if it comes through at all, and that will too often be placed in the center area where it does not help much, as it goes into the bucket instead of removing the coconuts.
    But as there are too many items on the side that is the only way to get the fourth multiplier. Hitting them with two papas each is not possible because the blue berries move too fast.
    The other three for mushrooms, carrots and potato dices are easy.

    Just made it with three stars, and don’t like to play again for better score, even though I failed with much higher score than passed 🙁

    • Pat

      My level looks the same, but I think carrots and potatoes are swapped on one side.
      It took me only three games to pass, but with a very bad score: So I played again, and had at least 470,000 points. Not great, but satisfying, as passing this level twice is a success, too….


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