Papa Pear Saga Level 873, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

The new brown elements are supposedly coconuts and can usually be removed by hitting them twice, why they need more damage here, we don’t know! :O

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  1. Pat

    The coconuts also need two hits here, just the recovery time is much shorter than in other levels. It was also like this in the second level they appeared.

    Start making some fire papas to burn the pea pods, and remove some coconuts. The push the fruits down the burned pea pods into the buckets.
    It is as easy as it sounds. Passed on the first try with 230,000 points, and reaching the minimum score of 200,000 points is the bigger problem.

    • Alf Igel

      Making fire papas does not work every day. Shooting today the same way as yesterday, I now get sometime some while yesterday never ever.
      And even for the exactly same shot high on the left wall some papas do not even make it half way, others stop shortly before the right wall.
      More wired behavior: Once a papa was able to push a red fruit through a way too small gap between the pea pods!!!
      But didn’t help either as the green fruit will never roll…

      But finally did it with three papas left and over 270,000 points (over 50,000 more than #2 and #3)!


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