Papa Pear Saga Level 880, video demonstration by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

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DEMO VIDS to be found in our cheat peak levels as an Youtube playlist:Papa Pear Saga Levels 871 – Level 885


Get 59 Onions

6 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 880”

  1. Pat

    Now it’s 60 onions, not 59. But also 18 papas, not 17 which should compensate for that. But there are only 63 onions altogether if I counted correctly. Came to 58 twice, then run out of lifes πŸ™

  2. Pat

    As usual on these levels, all you need is incredible luck to pass:
    Finally had an early grande bonus in the center, and few items removed there, and the papa grande stayed in the center, not going down the bucket as so often.

    So passed with 61 onions, and five paps left, x2 multiplier, and over 150,000 points! Another #1 again with a huge gap!

    • Alf Igel

      I must have got incredible luck, as my first shot high on the left wall already gave me a fire bonus. And that was in a good reachable place, too! So this fire papa burned much of the right half, and collected many onions already.
      Still it needed all moves until the last, and another very lucky fire bonus, to pass – on the first try, with over 125,000 points, enough for three stars!

  3. Pat

    No comment section on level 881 – the best you can do in a stupid luck level like this is to shoot all the carrots, so you have at least a minimum of fun. Everything else – removing the coconuts and onions – is pure dumb ass luck, nothing else.
    Even if you make some fire bonus – and I made many of them – it won’t help, as they “magically” rather go down the bucket directly than hitting the onions at all. And if papas hit the onions, it is ALWAYS on THAT side where the fruits are NOT !!!
    Another level that sucks!

  4. Pat

    Ups, the comment section for level 881 is gone…

    So the best you can do in this level is shoot at the carrots, as bringing down the fruits is nearly impossible,

    There is no possible direct shot to the center, and thus it all depends on luck only. And luck is often not on your side, but the onions will go on that side the fruits are NOT usually πŸ™

    However yo can make fire bonus easily, and that’s the only way to enforce your luck enough to have enough fire power to bring down the fruits!
    So shoot high at the second to fifth carrot on the left, then continue to aim high and papas will bounce to the right side eventually.
    Now shoot at fire bonus such that the papa will hit both walls to get more!
    If now the fire papas bounce right they will remove the onions and some coconuts and open the buckets.

    It took many games, and needed the last papa to pass with over 135,000 points!
    Three stars and #1 in high score…


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