Papa Pear Saga Level 887, video demonstration by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Youtube Channel the Blogging Witches,

DEMO VIDS to be found in our cheat peak levels as an Youtube playlist:Papa Pear Saga Levels 886 – 900


Get 73 Multipliers with 10, 11 or 14 papas in the papa cannon.Β 

The level now has ONLY 10 papas to start with at Facebook (9th June-18), but that is fortunately not a problem, because I kind of missed a few shots in the end of this video, so you should get an accurate general vision on howto pass level 887 with also only 10 papas.


7 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 887”

    • Mainewil Peetra

      It is ridiculous how much harder it is with only 10 papas instead of 11!!!!

  1. Pat also made this level insanely hard, now you have only ten papas to get ALL 73 multipliers!
    These levels become really absurd…

    • Mainewil Peetra

      w00t?!!! NO WAAAAY! :O Who on Earth am I gonna find to make a vid for that verion? πŸ™ // Peetra.

      • Alf Igel

        Nice video. But why did you need so many papas? πŸ˜‰

        Just passed with using EIGHT papas only, and TWO papas were left, x74 gives another 740,000 points extra, so scoring almost 22 million points!
        Next try gave me even close to 29 million, with all ten paps used.
        Which is still a relatively low score actually, #1 is over 60 million!

    • Pat

      Not hard enough πŸ™‚
      Just passed after a few more tries with three papas left, and scored record-breaking 55 million points!

      The key is to break the coconuts in the center, just shoot hard exactly vertical with the first papa to make a gap, and then gently drop a second papa into that gap. It shouldn’t take too many papas to remove most of the multipliers; for the rest shoot over the left wall.


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