Papa Pear Saga Level 888, video demonstration by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Youtube Channel the Blogging Witches,

DEMO VIDS to be found in our cheat peak levels as an Youtube playlist:Papa Pear Saga Levels 886 – 900


Get 1,000,000 Points


2 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 888”

  1. Pat

    Your 1.8 million points are not good enough anymore, now it’s 2.2 million with still 9 papas in an unchanged setup…
    However that is no real challenge, you will get many grande bonus and when you can manage to bring these to the vortex quickly they will make many points. So it is important to open the center of the board early.
    Scored 1.75 million in the first game, and 2.45 million in the second!
    However you need 2.5 million for three stars πŸ™

    • Alf Igel

      Scored over 3 million with four papas left, most papa grandes were bouncing well between the five blueberries. But also had it twice that a papa grande got locked between the top and a blueberry, not moving anymore…

      Final score over 3.6 million points – #1 again.

      Two stars at 2.4 million, three at 2.5 million.


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