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  1. Pat

    Another change for better: Only 2.4 million points instead of 3.2 are required now, and still 20 papas!
    The bad news: It still seems to be impossible without additional boosters :-(((
    Even with three multipliers (cauliflower, mushrooms, acorns) I came not even close :-(((

    • Pat

      Both 2.4 million and 3.2 million points are possible – WITHOUT BOOSTERS !!!
      While #2 has 3.9 million and #3 has 3.1 million, I just scored almost 4.6 million points – #1 again!!! And three stars, too!

      It is important to drop papas on the right side in order to remove the cauliflower early for a first multiplier.
      Also it is very helpful if one of the first papas bounces from the right wall to the left for a fire bonus.
      Together with the plenty grande bonuses that should give enough opportunities to collect enough points eventually.

      • Alf Igel

        But the third million comes easily πŸ™‚
        Got a fire papa grande that cleared a lot and scored a lot; over 3 million points and still ten papas to go – but hardly anything left to hit.
        Final result almost 3.7 million points.


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