4 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 906”

  1. Pat

    Now they require 38 chilies (out of 40), with only 16 (instead of 18) papas.

    No problem: I had TEN paps left when I had removed 39/38 chilies – another #1 with almost 180,000 points!

    • Alf Igel

      I just removed all forty chilies in my first game, had three papas left, and scored 190,000 points – which is not even a good score (others have around 250,000 points).

      • Mainewil Peetra

        Why do they keep doing this to us? :O :O I actually have hasd a burnout fro m all my saga gaming qand explaining howto play . The changing levels just might be the cause of me running to the counter for mommy’s little helper.


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