Papa Pear Saga Level 923, video walkthroughs by Blogging Witches staff that you can find in Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

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DEMO VIDS to be found in our cheat peak levels as an Youtube playlist:Papa Pear Saga Levels 901 – 915


Get 330,000 Points


5 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 923”

  1. Peetra

    I just used a multiplier and a fire pin boost forced through and now I am on my way forward. Didn’t like this one at all!

    • Pat

      Do you mean you used extra boosters to pass?

      Today I had that lucky game you need – found three fire bonus and three multipliers in the cans (usually they have melons, cauliflowers, and blueberries). So got four multipliers, then used the three fire papas to get rid of _all_ cactuses, and got four more multipliers; an eight even remained unused.
      So I got over 400.000 points :-)))

  2. Alf Igel

    You better shoot between the jar and the wall to get the first multiplier immediately.
    But it won’t help. 310,000 points is just too much, and also a fire papa won’t help much as there is hardly anything to hit.
    Removed everything except for a single onion, had 7 multipliers, and still barely over 200,000 points :-(((

    • Pat

      I even had seven multipliers and did not pass πŸ™
      Best game was about 290,000 points, but the worst not much more than half of this score πŸ™
      Making fire bonus with blueberries in cans is sometimes possible, but even than a score of 270-290,000 points is much πŸ™
      Another level that you do not like to play but have top play so much more often πŸ™

    • Alf Igel

      I’ll never understand how they count the “big points”: You can remove EVERYTHING and be more than 100.000 points short of the requirement, or you can suddenly pass with almost 400,000 points without even knowing why, as there is still so much on the board…
      The x10 multiplier came very late, after I had passed already…


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