Papa Pear Saga Level 946, video walkthroughs by Blogging Witches staff that you can find in Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Youtube Channel the Blogging Witches,

DEMO VIDS to be found in our cheat peak levels in this extensive Youtube playlist:Papa Pear Saga Levels 946 – 975


Old layout for Papa Pear Sasga reequired us to Get 7 Power-Ups, but we had 16 papas in the cannon to start out our Papa Huzzle for level 946. This is JOhn playing level 946 right after it was launched.Β 


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  1. Pat

    Not it’s 14 papas for 6 power-ups and 115,000 points.

    As the melon on the top left will not always be there I think it is better to go for the mushrooms quickly for a first multiplier, and the onions for a second, or the target score will be way too high.

    Passed with 155,000 points after a couple of games…

    • Pat

      P.S. My best score was almost 220,00 points, but no melon in the can, just a blueberry instead, so only 5 power-ups πŸ™

    • Alf Igel

      143,000 points in the first game. 214,000 two games later.
      I always shot to the left, and twice the papa bounced to the right, giving me a fire bonus.


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