Papa Pear Saga Level 953, video walkthrough by Blogging Witches


Opinion about Papa Pear 953 by Pat::

¨For Papa Pear level 953 it seems that all you need to do is drop paps gently on
the second coconuts from outside, so that they drop between the two onions and then the rest s just luck…
Another level not really worth playing¨

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  1. Alf Igel

    I agree it’s mainly a luck level, particularly for the center fruit which can be surrounded by blueberries and cactuses such that you can never drop it.
    Moreover, fruits can be pushed onto the outer coconuts so that there is no way to get them down again anymore.
    Another design fault is a fruit on the bottom left bucket will block any papa opening this bucket because the blueberry is too close to let through a papa.

    Despite all this hassle I passed the level with three stars, and over 300,000 points.


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