Papa Pear Saga Level 977, video walkthroughs by Blogging Witches staff that you can find in Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Light up all the buckets with only 20 moves!

This first video is Liridon making an AWESOME game, the lower Papa Pear Saga Levelo 977 DEMO has a few more written tips that you can’t see in the first one.

One more tip!!! Don’ty waste your moeny with the pome grande booster, we already tried that and it reallty ain’t as good as one might think…


Good Luck with Papa Pear Saga Level 977! YOU CAN DO THIS!

Youtube Channel the Blogging Witches,

More DEMO VIDS to be found in this Youtube playlist: Papa Pear Saga Levels 976 – 990

5 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 977”

  1. Pat

    Now we have 27 moves.
    Still not a single papa touched any bucket lid at all.
    Removed all potato dices and did NOT get a multiplier for that either.
    A total disaster of level design!

  2. Pat

    Now we have 27 moves. So the level is not super-hard anymore, but it is still a total disaster of level design:
    Whenever there is a potato dice inside of the bamboo, or even two, the level becomes almost unplayable, as almost every the melon seed would not reach the chili head anymore, but collide with the potato dice…

    Anyway, just needed two tries to pass with two papas left. A score of 88,00 points is ok for me.

    The second video shows nothing, as it terminates early at 1:09 πŸ™
    Also papas do not fly like this on my game…

    • Alf Igel

      I oppose: Having had two dices inside, and I DID pass the level, with eight papas left, and three stars for about 135,000 points (a very close second place)!
      The ADVANTAGE is that the chilies do change very slowly only, so you have more than enough time to aim and shoot onto the buckets, before the gate closes again. So I just lost a single papa after the big chilies were gone…
      However when a potato SLICE is inside the bamboo then the game is definitely over.


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