Papa Pear Saga Level 1013, video walkthroughs by Blogging Witches staff that you can find in Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Youtube Channel the Blogging Witches,

Watch more demo solutions in this Youtube playlist: Papa Pear Saga Levels 1006 – 1020


Bring Down The Fruits




4 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 1013”

  1. Alf Igel

    Passed the level on the first try with almost 80,000 points, missed three stars so closely.
    After the next two tries I thought I could never do this again.
    Then I passed with SIX papas left and over 100,000 points :-), three stars, and #1 in high score with a good gap on second place…

    • Pat

      Passed with 6 papas left on the first try!
      Almost 110,000 points and top of the high score!

  2. Alf Igel

    There is no page for level 1014!
    This is embarrassing – not only because I did pass on the first try, but also on the second, and then with seven papas left to score additional points I even got close to 540,000, which means another #1 in high score – and three stars!

    • Pat

      Passed on the first try, too, with eight multipliers, had even two papas left when three stars were reached, and scored over 545,000 points finally.


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