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Papa Pear Saga Levels , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Can’t read those “pre-game” tips?


-When hit, Pink Orchids collect nearby Multiplier and Light Up pins for you!
-Collect Potato Dice by touching them with a Papa, or make them fall into any bucket.
-A Papa Grande will remove the bubble generating flowers!
-Bounce 50 times with the same Papa to get a Papa Grande!
-Giving is receiving! Send lives to your friends often.
-A Papa Grande will clear an extra bucket lid! (Do double damage)
-B-B-B-OUNCE with Papa Pear! Bounce on bucket rims 5 times to get a Double pin.
-What’s a funky trunk that shoots Pears? A Loco-log! (Tree)
-A Papa Fire will scorch the Bubble Generating Flowers. No more bubbles!
-FIRE AWAY! Turn the Papa Pear in the cannon into a fierce Papa Fire and shoot it directly! (Booster required but not mentioned)
-Did you know that bouncing on the ceiling gives you extra points? (500 points)
-Challenge yourself! Replay a level to achieve a better score.
-Use the Pomegranate to blow up all surrounding pins! Destroy more pins for an explosive score! (Waste of the bomb.)
-Stuck? You can start a level with extra powerups on the screen; choose the wisest combination!
-Check out your high score list, are you at the top? If not, it only means you need to bounce some more!
-You can bounce safely on a sleeping Cactus.
-Many Hypnoplants (vacuum plants)? Feed them carefully to create a chain reaction.
-Feeding 7 Papas to already lit buckets will make a Light Up a pin appear!
-Jars always contain useful items! Break them with the least possible amount of Papas.
-Papa headed towards a Cactus? Quick! Shoot another Papa to intercept and save the first. (Yeah, right, like that second shot will intercept it.)
-Want more peas on the screen? Get the Papa Pears to roll over and bounce between the pea pods!
-Do you want to make a soft shot? Aim close to the cannon. (You better know how to do this!)
-In this wacky journey, the more friends you have, the easier to advance!
-Try to hit the Orchids surrounded by lots of other pins. (Only if you want them destroyed and count towards a “Use x Number of Power-Ups” level!)
-A Light Up pin will light up a bucket, even if it has lids. (Duh. And never the one you want lit either.)
-Let Papas surf on the asparagus (green spinners). Set up a slow shot and it may take you to the right location! (And pigs can fly too!)
-Use blowing Cauliflowers to reach impossible places!
-Loco-logs can only deal with 1 Papa at a time, so wait until they’re empty!
-Shoot a Papa Pear into a wormhole (warp spinner) to teleport it. Hint: remember where the exit point locations are!
-Radishes (holly spinners) blocking the way? Adjust their rotation to clear a path through them. (They look more like Holly than radishes to me. Naming new items like that is a guessing game.)
-White mushrooms need 1 hit, brown ones need 2… but red ones are indestructible! (We all hate mushrooms too!)
-Something missing? You might find something hidden inside Hypnoplants. (vacuum plants)
-Get the Multiplier pins as soon as possible! (Duh)
-Shooting a Papa Pear straight into a bucket gives you 1000 points! (Making a Fireball gives you 5000 points.)
-To burst bubbles, you can also let a Papa lie over them for a while.
-Hitting blackberries will give you a higher score. Hint: get some multipliers first, then the blackberries! (First useful tip if you didn’t know that.)
-Watch out for Cactuses! They look sweet while they dream, but when they’re awake… Papa Pears Beware! (Duh)
-Check if you need the Cauliflowers before removing them. They can help you reach difficult places!
-Papa Fire will burn the pea pods. Use carefully. (Duh)
-Try shooting more than 1 Pear at a time. (Not always)
-A Papa Grande will remove a sleeping or burned Cactus!
-A Papa Fire will burn those grumpy Cactuses! (Duh)
-Locked? Shoot several times into the wormhole (warp spinner) to discover all of the exit locations! (Why “locked”)
-On the map, click on a friend’s picture to send a life instantly! (Only works if it’s heart, not green check mark.)
-Bouncing a Papa Pear on both side walls will make a Fire pin appear! (Lea lives by this tip!  )
-There may be something useful under a Maple leaf.


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