Participate and Earn coins!

Hi there dear Bubble Witch Saga Friends! I am proud to announce that Victoria Muller and Fredi Fredo have came up with a new method to earn loads of coins from wall feed.

You CAN claim from non friends, you have actually always could! But now when the coin collecting have gone so frikkin difficult, we had to come up with new methods. Here is how it goes. Join this Page, the “Bubble Witch Saga – ALL Coins” page.

You post a coin post for your own and then you go claim. I have chose to like posts I have claimed from, so I can keep count. If done once every other day, you’ll claim thousands of coins! The important thing is to share your own coins, otherwise other’s can not claim them. This is social gaming taken to the limit!

When you click a link at the ALL Coins Page, you will NOT see a Box come up. All you will see is your COINS INCREASE. So make sure you know what your coins amount is before you start, if you need to keep count. How to Post your coins:

1. RIGHT CLICK (wrong side of your mouse) on your OWN BONUS, easiest done right away before you even post it to your wall.

2. Select COPY

3. Go to the Page, comment saying the amount then RIGHT CLICK and select PASTE.

4. Hit POST.

Claiming coins

REMEMBER to Claim ONE at a TIME. If you go crazy and open up loads of tabs in your browser you probably miss some of the coins, the game need a sec or two to register them.

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